The Light Inside Us

Winner 'Upcoming Game Of The Year' - NASSCOM Game Developer's Conference, India

Finalist 'Indie Prize Showcase' - Casual Connect San Francisco 2015

"The Light Inside Us combines the quick-thinking of tower defense, the planning and timing of a fast-paced strategy games, and the satisfaction of shoot 'em ups." - Pocket Gamer
The Light Inside Us takes place in an abstract world where light is alive. The children of light are on a quest to rescue their mother in a strange land which harbors many secrets. The more powerful the children grow, the more easily they lose themselves to that power. Will they fulfill their quest? Or will they succumb to their own powers


Abhineet Prasad


Co-founder. Indie Game Developer. Dance Maniac. Wannabe artist/music composer. Football Fanatic.

Siddharth Sivaraman


Co-founder. Indie Game Developer. Writer/Story teller. Manga fan. Indie Game Enthusiast.

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