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The Light Inside Us is a unique shooter set in an isometric world, in which every shot counts. In this game you control a body of light made of small light particles, where the particles act as your health and ammo. You are besieged by hordes of enemies that try to erode your particles. Shooting these enemies converts them to particles, but every shot takes up a certain number of particles as well. So to win the game you must get as many enemies in each shot as possible. There are 55 levels in the game, which introduce different enemies, weapons and terrain elements that force the player to continuously evolve his/her strategies to clear the game.


The Light Inside Us was born after months of prototyping done by the founders of Dastan Games. When they finally had a prototype that was unique and engaging, they decided to expand on it and turn it into a full fledged game.


  • Incredibly unique shooter that rewards quick thinking and strategic decision making
  • More than 15 different features spread out over 55 levels, that subtly enhance and change the gameplay experience


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Nominated for Indie Prize." Casual Connect San Francisco, 12 August, 2015
  • "Winner Upcoming Game Of The Year." NASSCOM GDC, India, 6th November, 2015
  • "Winner Bloggers Choice Award" Big Indie Pitch Bangalore,21st April, 2016

Selected Articles

  • "The Light Inside Us combines the quick-thinking of tower defense, the planning and timing of a fast-paced strategy games, and the satisfaction of shoot ‘em ups."
    - Chloi Rad, Pocketgamer
  • "The game promises an intriguing abstract theme to go along with its more tactical gameplay than you see from most shooters"
    - Carter Dotson, Touch Arcade
  • "The Light Inside Us showed that Indian game creation is developing not only as a business, but also creatively"
    - Matt Suckley, Pocketgamer

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Development Log
Development Log detailing the history of the game's development forums.tigsource.com.

About Dastan Games

Dastan Games is a two-person indie studio based out of Bangalore India. They make games that are unique and deliberately go against the norm.

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The Light Inside Us Credits

Abhineet Prasad
Game Design, Development, Music, Dastan Games

Siddharth Sivaraman
Game Design, Development, Dastan Games

Rohit Ranade
Game Design, Artist, Freelancer

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